Reviews should be candid and honest. Often times we read them and in our minds we think, " yeah, right! Everything awesome and exceptional?"

My Husband and I honestly can say that Kaitlin did a tremendous job from the first time we met her to the last high five after the wedding reception. Not exaggerating, but our wedding day was absolutely flawless with no scrambling around or worrying about vendors or guests. 

Full Transparency: Fabian was a bit skeptical when I told him that I'd like to meet with Kaitlin due to the fact that she was a younger coordinator. We left the restaurant where we met with her and as soon as we stepped outside Fabian said," We have to hire her, no one else!" We both were truly impressed by her professionalism, the thoughtful and quality questions she was asking, and her attention to detail. Which sparked conversations about aspects of our Wedding we didn't even think of. We can only highly recommend her, or as my husband would say, " Hire her and no one else!" 

- Fabian & Lauren Knopfler 

-Earl Crabtree, NWP FILMS

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- Earl Crabtree, NWP FILMS

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