Make a little $$, spend a little $ 

Weddings can become expensive quickly, so making extra money and cutting spending become the number one mission.

The Toggery resale shop is your place to make a few extra $$! Tuesday- Friday from 10am- 6pm you can bring in your items that just are not doing you justice anymore and are never leaving your closet. Don't just stop at the clothing clean out either, because they also accept gently used shoes, jewerly, and small household items. Once you consign your items, your items are priced on your account, and when they sell, the money stays in your account until you come to pick up a check or use a credit. 

Not only can you consign your items at The Toggery, but you can do some shopping, of course! The Toggery carries designer labels, trendy apparel, and unique finds that you  can pull together that result in a stunning outfit for the parties (bachelorette, showers, and rehearsal dinner) at reasonable costs that won't break the bank and still let you keep saving for the wedding.  


Putting together an outfit can be hard work, and sometimes we just don't have an eye for it, even if the pieces are in front of us. But, if you come in on Mondays or book an appointment with Style Riot's Laura, she will help you put that bold, eye-catching, never-to-be forgotten outfit together! Not only does  Laura have options for revamping your closet or personalized styling, but she now has bridal styling options as well. She can help you find your perfect engagement outfit, consult on the wedding dress, assist with bridesmaids' dresses and mother of the bride dresses, and many more options to make sure you look GLAMOURS and totally pulled together before and on your big day! 

Check out her site-

So, what are you waiting for? Clean out that closet and take those gently used items to The Toggery and make ya some $$! Or, simply go revamp your closet with brand name pieces for half the price! 




What To Get Your Guests For Favors?

When it comes to your guests, you have to decide whether or not you are going to give them a little gift as a favor/thank you for coming to your special day. Don't get me wrong. If little gifts aren't your thing, then no worries, as there is no written rule that says you have to get favors for your wedding guests. But, if you ARE wanting to give a little something, here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm. 


1. A Candle: You can't go wrong with getting a good smelling candle that is personalized with the date and name on them. Everyone loves candles, except for those suffering from Pyropeobia (someone scared of fire), but overall, most guests would appreciate a nice candle they can use. 


2. Bottle Opener:  It should not be just your regular bottle opener, but you can find some that are unique and stylish, like this one you can get from! Not only does it look like an awesome vintage key, but it also works as a bottle opener. You can also take it one step further and make it tie in with your love of something along the lines of, ' Key to my heart and the key to my beer'. You can just have a a lot of fun with this one and open a beer at the same time!

3. Dessert Container: Some people may be so full from your delicious meal that they may not be ready for dessert. A take home container allows your guests to be able to take a sweet treat home with them for a later time. 






4. A Glass: Instead of a guest trying to figure out which glass is theirs they will always know by his or her personal glass. This also saves money and the environment by not having to use a million plastic cups throughout the night. 

 Cupcake Containers at Zyntango Farm

Cupcake Containers at Zyntango Farm


5. Wine Stopper: Who wouldn't want to take home a fun wine stopper to use when they are celebrating, or just having a good old Wine Wednesday?


These are just a few ideas, and keep in mind, favors are not mandatory!

Game Changing, Name Changing Tips

In the hassle of planning a wedding, you will consider pushing off the boring, yet important paperwork that comes with making sure everything is official after you say ‘I do.' I mean, I would pick food tasting and cake tasting over paper work any day! It may seem like an intimidating process to get your last name changed, but don’t put it off because it isn’t as scary as you think!


STARTING IT RIGHT WITH THE MARRIAGE LICENSE. Once you file the application with your new name and the ceremony has been performed with the marriage license issued, "TA-DA!" You NOW have legal proof of your name change.

INFORMING SOCIAL SECURITY: When you are applying for the marriage license, the clerk should give you a packet with sites and applications to help you change your name on your Social Security card. You need to remember to ask for copies of everything, even an extra copy of the marriage license, so you can provide it when changing your name on other accounts. You will need to fill out an application for a Social Security card (Form SS-5) usually found on the SSA website. ( )

NEXT, CHANGING YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE: Many BMVs want you to come in person with your papers (at least Indiana does). This is the link to the BMV site in Indiana :

You NEED to bring documents that do these things:

  • Identity - birth certificate, passport
  • Social Security Administration -  card, W-2 Form
  • Name Change Evidence - marriage license
  • Indiana Residence - Recent bank statements  

I suggest you bring all of the above documents--and even more documents if you have them--just to make you have EVERYTHING they can use to make the process easier for the both of you. Let’s be honest; no one likes spending the full day at the BMV, so the more documents you bring, the more chances you don’t have to go back.

CHANGING THE PASSPORT: This is extremely important if you are doing all of the name changing before the honeymoon,  because you need to make sure your passport matches your new name! You will need to fill out a Form DS-5504, if your passport was issued LESS THAN one year ago. Or, you will need to complete Form DS-82, if your passport was issued MORE THAN one year ago. You can either mail in your application or complete it online. Once you have filled out the application, you will need to send in your documents supporting the name change, including the marriage license, valid passport, and one colored passport photo.


Other Essential places to consider when changing your name:

  • Bank (credit cards/ accounts)
  • Post Office
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Utility Companies
  • Payroll
  • Insurance

All the information can be found on your local government website, or if you have the extra bucks, an attorney can also do the filing for you.